Christmas is the Greatest Love’s Invasion on Earth!

About 2011 years ago Divine Love invaded earth! Christmas is God’s boundless love in Christ invading the selfish world of humans! It is a celebration of the birth of the Love that brought redemption and restoration for humanity. It is in it that Jehovah the Love released all that He is to humanity in His Son. The Star that shun in Bethlehem 2011 years ago was noticeable because of love. The selfish human world saw the light of the Radiant Love descending from the celestial world above. He was the long awaited Love and the life of all existence was dependent upon Him. The Bible can be summed up in one line- God is Love! The name “God” means “the Self Existent One” or “the Supreme One”. It is the universal name of the Supreme Deity that owns all existence. The One who created all things but was created by none! It was difficult to really be able to describe in full what God was like in the Old Testament but when He came down in the New Testament, the world saw Him for the first time and it was Love that they saw. God is Compassion fully manifested in Jesus Christ! Those who put their faith in Christ also received the quality of God’s Spirit which is Love. It is shed abroad or poured forth into the center of their being or their human spirit which is sometimes called the heart. We know from the Scriptures that the greatest miracle of all times is this Supreme Love coming to take residence in the heart or spirit of human beings. The world has not recovered from the invasion of this Supernatural Love since the Progenitor of the Supreme Love race landed in Bethlehem over 2011 years ago.  Jesus brought the Love quality of God’s Spirit to make a new race of human spirits who will turn the world upside down with love (Acts 17:6)… READ MORE HERE

Samson Ajilore

What thou seest, write in a book and send it…Revelation 1:11
Declare you among the nations and publish, and set up a standard; publish and don’t conceal…Jeremiah 50:2

God sent Samson Ajilore as an apostolic and prophetic voice with a definite mandate to liberate humanity from darkness into light through anointed words and to make God’s unconditional love come alive in the consciousness of people of every tongues, bringing them into the fullness of the stature of Christ.

Sam publishes the will of God to the body of Christ and the world at large, his published classics includes BECOMING A HEALING PROPHET and MERCY SAID NO. He is committed to spreading the gospel of Christ with love and power.

Sam came from a long line of apostolic and prophetic ministers. His name, birth and ministry were supernaturally predicted by God before his birth. He has been in the ministry from the age of five, following a supernatural encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Sam is the President of the Samson Ajilore World Outreach (SAWO) and Senior Pastor at The Agape Church Of The Supernatural (ACOS). He holds a Degree in Theology from the reputable UMCA Theological College Ilorin, Kwara State of Nigeria. His teachings are very down to heart, a warmly humorous teacher, with a heart for people, who has helped countless around the world experience God’s boundless love and power.

A Word from Jesus: “The Word of God is the Soul’s Injection”

God's Word is soul's injection
Injecting the Mind or Soul with the Word of God

On the ninth day in the month of March, the year been 2008, a Hand touched me very early in the morning while I was still in bed at exactly five o’clock.  I woke and looked up to see who it was and behold, it was the Lord standing by my bed. He didn’t look any different than He was in all the times that He had visited me, beginning from when I was five. Everything about Him can be summed up in one word; Love.  Jesus told me on that day that the Word of God is the soul’s injection. He was signifying to me by the Holy Spirit that the human soul is often sick with all kinds of carnal thoughts and infections. Injecting it constantly with God’s Word is the only way to wholeness. We cannot keep our thinking straight without the Word of God. Ephesians 5:26 speaks of the washing of water by the Word and Jesus said that we are clean by the Words that He speaks to us (John 15:3). And in John 17:17, Jesus asked the Father to sanctify us by His truth and He went further to say “Thy Word is truth”. The Bible in Romans 12:2 urges us not to be gradually changed to the image of this world but to be transformed or transfigured by the renewal of our mind or soul. That renewal is through the Word of God and it is the Word of God that is the still waters that restores our soul according to Psalm 23 and Ephesians 5:26.

The sickness of the soul comes from the infection of the dark thoughts and scenes that we often pick up from the media (TV, newspaper, radio, postal, movies and etc). They also generate from Satan’s suggestions into our minds or the wrong things that we hear people say around us. Now, that takes us to the reason why most of the battle we will face here on earth will be against thoughts in the mind…READ MORE HERE