Christmas is the Greatest Love’s Invasion on Earth!

About 2011 years ago Divine Love invaded earth! Christmas is God’s boundless love in Christ invading the selfish world of humans! It is a celebration of the birth of the Love that brought redemption and restoration for humanity. It is in it that Jehovah the Love released all that He is to humanity in His Son. The Star that shun in Bethlehem 2011 years ago was noticeable because of love. The selfish human world saw the light of the Radiant Love descending from the celestial world above. He was the long awaited Love and the life of all existence was dependent upon Him. The Bible can be summed up in one line- God is Love! The name “God” means “the Self Existent One” or “the Supreme One”. It is the universal name of the Supreme Deity that owns all existence. The One who created all things but was created by none! It was difficult to really be able to describe in full what God was like in the Old Testament but when He came down in the New Testament, the world saw Him for the first time and it was Love that they saw. God is Compassion fully manifested in Jesus Christ! Those who put their faith in Christ also received the quality of God’s Spirit which is Love. It is shed abroad or poured forth into the center of their being or their human spirit which is sometimes called the heart. We know from the Scriptures that the greatest miracle of all times is this Supreme Love coming to take residence in the heart or spirit of human beings. The world has not recovered from the invasion of this Supernatural Love since the Progenitor of the Supreme Love race landed in Bethlehem over 2011 years ago.  Jesus brought the Love quality of God’s Spirit to make a new race of human spirits who will turn the world upside down with love (Acts 17:6)… READ MORE HERE

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