Welcome to the year of the Kingdom, the glory and the power of God!

2012 has trained you but 2013 will enthrone you.

The hour has come for the rising of many,

The nations shall tremble at the glory that shall be revealed.

This is the year of the kingdom in which the kings shall rise to rule,

It is the year of the glory and My glory shall bring you into limelight.

This is the year of power and the gates of hell shall be subdued,

Yes, subdued by the power of the kingdom within you manifesting through you.

Set behind you the limitations of the years gone by,

Now rise in the impartation of the Spirit of might.

Yes! Seek no sign but go in this thy might and the sign shall follow thee,

Go forth to fulfill that which the Spirit bids thee to do.

Do not wait for everything to be clear but rise by faith and walk in the little you know,

And as you go on, clearer it shall become, and the little shall multiply.

Just before the end of one road another shall open,

The increase you seek is in the field, go and dig it out!

I have called you into the walk of faith,

Do not pay attention to the terror and evil reports of the world.

But look up into the kingdom and draw your living by faith,

For the just shall live by faith and not by world economy of bad reports.

Never let the enemy taint your future with the memory of the past,

For you have been redeemed from your past,

You must learn to forget it even as I do.

And stop considering the things of old so you may embrace the new that’s here,

For I am merciful unto your iniquity and your sins I remember no more.

I call you saints and not sinners, I call you children and not slaves, for I love My family.

The webs that limited you in the past shall now give way,

For the glory that shall elevate you in the new!

Yes! In this new season of your life,

Pour forth your heart without holding back,

Be courageous, yes, be courageous!

The blessing is upon you and you must be confident in that which I put within you!

Do not hold back the things I shall well up in your heart,

For it shall make more room for you.

Do not give attention to those who shall attempt to tear you down through words,

For the enemy of your soul shall attempt to pull down many even through the media.

If you stand together in love and embrace My testimony there will be no discord,

Forgive freely no matter the condition; forgive as I’ve forgiven you.

Let not bitterness and resented feeling taint your sanctified spirit,

Or forge you into another shape like it has already done unto many.

You’re justified! You’re purified!  Your life is blood-bought!

You’re redeemed and the Father smiles upon you!

Yea, the sheen of His glory is upon you,

The glory, the honor and the power shall multiply as you walk the path of love.

Yes, love shall make you great!

There are many gifted but not many keep the commandment of love,

And love is the greatest, no spiritual gift is of use if separated from love.

As long as you walk in love, you’re beyond the reach of the evil one,
For whosoever is born of God keepeth himself in love and the evil one toucheth him not.

Pay attention to My Word and override the report of unbelief with it!

Be not afraid for 2013 is here with new opportunity,

It is a year of kingly rule, a year of authority, order and power.

Walk with me through this year,

And by My light you shall pierce all the darkness that is in it.

There’s doom and gloom for the world because of sin,

But there is grace and glory for My bride because of righteousness.

And as sin multiplies reproach in the world My righteousness shall elevate you,

Come-on royal priests and kings, rise up in righteousness, you’re beyond condemnation!
The onslaught of darkness cannot subdue the armor of light.

Rise up and rule, exercise authority and be confident!

Walk in spiritual dominion over all oppression of the devil,

Take your place and walk through the open doors I’m setting before you.

Be not afraid for I am in you, with you and for you always.

Do not let past disappointments weaken your ability to break new grounds and do new things,

For where in the past you think you have failed, there’s new strength for you to succeed now.

I am Love, keep yourself in me, I am Light, no darkness in me.

Come walk as I walk and I shall show you hidden things,

And you shall reign in life through righteousness, love and power.

My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives.

Be not afraid, but have faith in My unseen presence, in My reality within you.

This is 2013 and I say unto you, come into the perfect love that casts out fear for fear has torment.

I love My family!

Halleluiah! Glory to God!