Prophetic Word For The Year 2012

Welcome to 2012 the year of the ascended life!

Welcome to the year of the glorious bride!

Welcome to the year of intimacy that brings the glory!

Welcome to the year of reality beyond religion!

The word of the Lord came unto me in hibernation in His holy Presence,

It came bubbling forth as rivers in my spirit and as an unquenchable fire within my bones.

His presence was so consuming that I could hardly bear yet I did not want to leave the midst of Him,

I was so captured away in His holy glory and there were angels all around us.

His love was a purifying fire to the consuming of my flesh and my heart was as though ripped open completely to His holy fire,

His radiant light illuminated my spirit’s eyes to clearly see that He is the One that dwells in unapproachable light.

Yet He bided me to come because He paved the way on Calvary and

He opened the veil by the piercing of His own body,

What a love He displayed through His sacrifice!

I approached the Lord and His flaming eyes beheld the darkness of my soul consumed by His holy fire,

I was overwhelmed completely by His presence and I was like a dead man before the Living One.

But His hand lifted me again unto my feet and He bided me to neither fear nor tremble,

And He said unto me with voice as the rushing of many waters…

“Welcome to the throne room…

This is where I want My precious bride to always be…READ MORE HERE