10 Marriage Recipes

recipes fb1. PRAY TOGETHER:

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV). 

Prayer doesn’t just make you intimate with God, it builds intimacy with your partner in a spiritual way. Prayer improves your spiritual knowledge because revelations flow in prayer. Prayer is a place God’s imparts His knowledge into the heart. Prayer is a place where assurance is born in the spirit. It is where strength is renewed and hope revived.  There’s an old saying that couples who prays together stays together. If you can’t pray, you will become easy preys of the enemy. Prayer is where you sort out issues that are beyond the two of you. Prayer is where you dialogue with God. Prayer is where you bring up His Word to His remembrance (Isaiah 45:11). It is where you provide Him with strong reasons He must intervene (Isaiah 45:21). Prayer is much more effective than just talking. It will impart obedience into your children if you balance it up with instructing them in righteousness (Proverbs 22:6). It takes care of the spiritual forces that are behind unpleasant physical life situations.


“Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do” (Joshua 1:8 NLT ).

You see, one reason several marriages fail is that the couples involved will not give the Word the first place in their union. God is the Author of marriage and there’s no better book to follow than His Manual, the Bible. Now, it is of vital importance for you to seek to grow together with your partner. Cultivate the habit of studying the Word together (Psalm 1). I once interviewed an elderly pastor’s wife who told me that if there’s anything she desired to be adjusted about her husband, it is the way he wouldn’t study the Word with her. That pastor would always consider his wife as spiritually immature but he failed to realize that it was his duty to develop his wife spiritually. That’s how some folks are, they would fail to cultivate their woman and then envy the spiritual vibrancy in the wives of other men who developed their own women.

Your wife is your first ministry; don’t put the people before her. Get into the Word together and make provision for Study Bibles and other materials that will improve the understanding of the Word in your family. If only you will work at the spirituality of your family, several other things will improve with it, the more spiritual your family becomes, the stronger they get. Don’t neglect your children in this area too, carry them along, and make provision for them at their level. Your kids won’t learn to pray from your sermons, they will learn best from observing you praying. Pray with your children. Take family devotion serious. Be good examples because it’s natural for them to take after you. Keep the Word!


“Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” (Amos 3:3 NLT). 

Dialogue is very important in any form of relationship at all. You and God can’t really relate successfully without dialogue. Prayer is the place of dialogue with God; it is where you pour out your heart. Dialogue with your partner should be down to heart. Don’t withhold your pains, voice out everything warmly and frankly. Do not make decisions alone, involve your partner. Nagging won’t work on your partner but dialogue will. If you’ve been using so much word and there’s no improvement, then try prayer, if dialogue with your partner isn’t improving anything then dialogue with God about them. You can’t fix them but God can so don’t play God.


“Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!” (Proverbs 15:23 NLT).

Don’t be a downer in your relationship, encourage your partner. Be supportive in a humble way. A woman shouldn’t jump her husband’s front. Stay beside him. Don’t lead him, follow him. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t contribute your own opinion but let him make the decision. Don’t wound his ego. Let him feel like the man he is, not your puppet. You will enjoy him that way. He won’t compete with you in being the home keeper but he won’t let you lead him. Encourage each other no matter the situation. Even if something goes bad, that’s not the time to start reminding your partner of all your advices they’ve ignored.


“The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Proverbs 12:18 NLT).

Words can be both constructive and destructive. They can build up or bring down. Words can be the cradle or the grave, they can kill or make alive. Words can bring out the best in your partner and they can equally bring out the beast in them. Who are you speaking to in your partner? Is it the beast or the best? Well, your answer is in whichever one is answering you. The Bible says a gentle response turns away wrath but grievous or offensive words stir up anger (Proverbs 15:1). Whatever response you attract from your partner through your action and expressions is what you will live with. Be careful of the kind of words that you use under your roof, they will determine the atmosphere in your home and the kind of spirits you will attract into your habitation. Also, your children are products of your spoken words, they will become as you say, don’t let them provoke you to use words that will nullify the effects of your prayers over them. Watch your confessions.


“Now the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame” (Gen. 2:25 NLT).

You see, concerning the matter of sexuality, be very open to your partner. Express what you expect. Don’t be ashamed to talk about what God was not ashamed to create. God created sex and He made you a sexual being. Sexual desires in marriage are not temptations to be overcome; they’re appetites to be satisfied. If you engage in good sexuality, it will pay off for you spiritually and emotionally. The Bible said that Adam and Eve were both naked and not ashamed. Nothing of nakedness was reserved, they opened up about everything and they weren’t ashamed to do so. Discuss every way that pleases you, avoid offending your partner sexually and find out what way they enjoy. A woman needs affection as much as a man needs sex. If you give her affection, she’ll give you sex. Any woman can give you her body inside marriage out of duty but it takes affection to capture her heart and I tell you, God didn’t design sexuality to be fulfilling when only the body is involved. Don’t use your partner to calm your passion without minding their own desire. Get good Christian literatures on sexuality. Get understanding and improve your sexuality. If you succeed in that area, it will improve several other areas.


“Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery” (Hebrews 13: 4 NLT).

Honour is rewarding. Dishonoring your partner will close their spirit against you. Don’t get so used to them that their presence no longer matters to you. Even if you have a drinking husband who comes home late, instead of insulting or tongue lashing him, thank him for coming home, some men are so terrible they don’t go home. It is the character of love to show respect, don’t claim to love someone you dishonor. (1Cor. 13:4-6). Perhaps the highest form of dishonour is defiling the marriage bed, no partner can handle that, it is sin against God and your partner, it is unhealthy and could easily kill a marriage. Treasure your union and protect it with all you can. If you get tempted in the area of lust, let your partner know, don’t try to overcome it alone, let them offer their protection and prayers, your partner should be your best friend, not someone you cannot open up to. Jesus says that you’re no more two but one (Mathew 19:6). If one falls, another will lift him up but how terrible it is to keep your falling from your divine partner who is appointed of God to you up? “Two people are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. If either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up. Also, if two lie down together, they can keep warm; but how can one person alone keep warm? And if someone overpowers one person, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 HCSB). When you two stand in agreement with God, you’re a cord of three strands that cannot break!


“Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength? Why pay for food that does you no good? Listen to me, and you will eat what is good. You will enjoy the finest food” (Isaiah 55:2 NLT).

Poor financial management makes you irresponsible. Be accountable to your partner. Don’t buy without bargaining and learn to prioritize. Being prosperous doesn’t mean you should be prodigal. Don’t just scatter, learn to gather. Discuss finances with your partner, financial agreement matters. Plan your finances. Invest into your children’s future. Don’t be a short time planner, plan the future. Spend your money largely on assets and not just liabilities. Buy lands and houses instead of cars if you may. Learn to know what’s appropriate. If you buy a car today, you will spend to maintain it and you can’t really resell it as high as you bought it but houses and lands appreciates. Put your money where it matters; don’t eat with your ten fingers. Do not eat your future. If you can’t tie money down through wise investments, it has the habit of flying away. Money has wings (Proverbs 23:5).


“Without wood a fire goes out; without a gossip a quarrel dies down” (Proverbs 26:20 NIV).

Be careful who you allow to speak over your relationship. It is unwise to go discussing your partner with your friends. Never suppose that everyone are your well-wishers. White teeth are not white heart. Don’t sell yourself out. Shut the door of your mouth when you should (Proverbs 21:23). Negative third parties are bad influences; they can ruin your marriage. You need to really be wise with your in laws too. Also, not every church leader can be trusted; some of them will feature your private conversation in their public sermon. Let your words be few and guided with third parties. If you break your partners trust, it is a difficult task to mend it back; it isn’t like a piece of cloth.


“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins” (1Peter 4:8 NLT).

Love endlessly, be really caring and affectionate. Forgive without reserve. Don’t go mentioning your partner’s mistake repeatedly; it is like picking a wound over and again and expecting it to heal up. Love covers offenses; it doesn’t magnify them (Proverbs 17:9). Learn to forget the unpleasant by replacing them with pleasant memories. When your partner offends you, think about all his kindness of the past and you will receive strength to forgive the moment. “Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends” (Proverbs 17:9 NIV).

There are no perfect spouses but there are mature ones. Maturity is the ability to handle situations maturely; it is wisdom in the heart shaping the character. It is a journey. We all can learn to show love and kindness even when we don’t feel like it. We have the ability to do so. This will be easy once we realize that character isn’t an emotion but a decision. It isn’t doing what is right because we feel so but doing what is right because it is right. Never talk to your partner like they’re your kid because they’re not. Respect them and never put any human over them. Apart from the Holy Spirit, your spouse should be the most important person in your life. Study 1Corinthians 13 and live in there. The God kind of love in our heart must be allowed to shape our character, that’s why God placed it there (Romans 5:5).



fb hs“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever”(John 14:16 NIV)

The Holy Spirit Is Not Tongues Or A Dove

The Holy Spirit gives tongues but He’s not tongues. He’s gentle as a dove but He’s not one. He can flow like oil but He’s not oil. He can blow as a wind but He’s not a wind. He’s a wonderful Personality in the Godhead. God the invisible! He sees, talks, feels, hears, smells, directs and etc. He possesses all the attributes of a Personality even though He’s invisible and He does all that God does because He is God (John 4:24). He’s the most protected Personality in the Godhead and the Scripture is full of such warnings as: grieve not the Spirit, quench not the Spirit and blaspheme not against the Spirit.

My Personal Testimony On The Person And Power Of The Holy Spirit

When the Lord Jesus Christ visited me for the first time in mama’s little room when I was five, I received that divine Personality of the Holy Spirit into my heart or spirit. I was reborn by Him (John 3:6). He began to instruct me in Christ and reveal Him to me in the Word (John 16:13). He gave me the unquenchable passion for evangelism and my life became changed. I didn’t speak with tongues until I received the power of that same Spirit upon me. That was three years later, during an intercessory meeting organized by my aunties, in grandpa’s church. I was endued with power from on high (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8). All it takes to be saved and get to heaven is the Spirit WITHIN-the born again experience but to live the full effective Christian life here on earth, the power of the Spirit UPON is a necessity. It is what make you a bold dynamite on fire for God, living like those believers in the book of Acts, unlike the cowering ones meeting behind lock doors for the fear of the Jewish leaders portrayed in the gospels (John 20:19).

Power From On High Or Empty Tongues?

People mix things up by reducing the Holy Spirit to tongues. Some even go to church and learn how to talk in tongues mechanically without first receiving the Spirit upon them. They learn some gibberish without the power. You can learn and imitate empty tongues but no one can teach you the Holy Spirit, even though you may learn about Him, He must be personally experienced. Carnal imitation doesn’t bring transformation, only a genuine encounter does. You see, when you receive Jesus Christ at salvation, you receive that wonderful Personality of the Holy Spirit into your heart or spirit in all His fullness. That Personality begins to teach you and reveal Christ to you in the Word. When He now comes UPON you for empowerment, like He did for the apostles in Acts 2:1-4, you then receive His power and begin to talk in tongues. It is the Spirit that gives the utterance and that can make you have sensations in your tongues of some sort but you must do the speaking, the Spirit will not do that. Waiting for Him to do the speaking is unbelief and unscriptural, it will make you wait forever without results.

The Twofold Work Of The Holy Spirit

The Spirit’s work at His coming WITHIN at salvation and His work at His coming UPON when one receives His baptism are two different experiences. One is about a divine Personality indwelling you. It is communion with the most important Person on earth that lives in the church today. The second is about the power of that same Person, and it is that power that comes with tongues. The Lord God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit WITHIN and power UPON and He went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil ,for God was with Him (Acts 10:38). His Person or presence WITHIN makes you a Christian, His power UPON makes you witness with signs!


women needs1. Attention:  A woman desires to be listened to. Your relationship won’t work if you ignore your woman. Women by nature desire attention. If they can’t have it from their partner, it will wound their emotions. Why do you think some women would even put on red hair and purple hair? Why all the artificial painting and color combinations? Well, there is something of their nature that’s always crying to be noticed. It is part of how they draw significance. Perhaps if Eve had gotten enough attention from Adam, she wouldn’t have been talking to the serpent. If you won’t listen to your woman, she’ll find someone else to talk to and you will both suffer the consequences of that. Ask Adam. Women aren’t like men that usually talk all the time to make a point. Women often talk, not just to make points but to get their partner’s attention. Only a fool marries a woman he won’t listen to. Cultivate the art of conversation. Learn to listen to your woman. Don’t shout her down or make her feel that her words are empty.

2. Affection:  More than any material things you can give; a woman really needs your affection. It isn’t wisdom or spirituality to be cold and unfeeling towards your woman. You do not love a woman whose feeling you can ignore. Don’t be like those men without character who uses silence as a weapon against their woman. Your silence is like death in your woman. She wants a talker, don’t just listen to her and say nothing. Learn dialogue. Ask her about every little thing in her life. Talk about her hair, her eyes, her smile, the way she walks, her looks, her devotion to God, her praying spirit, her love for God and you, her effort over her children… Don’t just talk to her about yourself, be centered on her. Affection is an undying care and kindness that affects the person it is given unto. If your affection does not affect her, if it doesn’t get into her heart, then there’s something wrong. Don’t just roll over and sleep after your conjugal duty, let her head be on your chest. Stroke her back, her hair, and her cheeks. Ask her to know how you can satisfy her and never assume that just because you got what you wanted, the same is true of her.

3. Appreciation:  Don’t become too used to the little things your woman do that you begin to ignore them. Talk about her soup. Appreciating her is actually more effective in improving her than correcting her. Whatever you appreciate in your woman becomes stronger. Let her know that you do not see her as your house maid or a mistress who only exists to satisfy your passions. Appreciate everything she does in the house. Don’t come from the work and begin to shout at your woman because of an untidy part of the house, some hand towels or clothing that are not in the right place, a littered floor or something she hasn’t yet done. Such an attitude is damaging to the emotion of a woman who has been working all day to keep the house in order. Try and notice the things she has done and appreciate her for them. If she left a place untouched, then you can help her and if you do, she’ll appreciate and notice it, and you won’t meet it untidy next time. Women are more sensitive and responsive to the improvement commanded by appreciation than those demanded by scolding or correction. Always find something to be thankful for. The Songs of Solomon is full of the expressions of King Solomon appreciating his partner’s beauty from her head to toe. He likened her eyes to the doves’, talked fondly of her breasts and so on and so forth. Appreciate every part of your woman’s body even though you see them every day. Never become too used to them that you no longer talk about them. You can never appreciate a woman enough so don’t stop. And when you do, mean it, they’re sensitive to deception and empty words.

4. Protection:  A woman needs security. She must be able to trust you. Her love is a gift to you which must be treasured but you must also earn her trust. Understand that women trust how they feel with you more than what you tell them. If you promise your woman love, you must also show it. When you’ve said so much and do so little, she will retire to watching what you do instead of believing what you promise. Let your woman know that her secrets are safe with you. Don’t go discussing your private matters with your friends. Beware of a third party becoming a threat to your woman’s security. Let her heart be able to trust safely in you. You must work at getting her there, yes, to that point where she feels secure with you. Don’t give her attitudes that threaten her future with you. Be careful of the words you use with your woman. Never talk to her the way Jesus will not talk to the church (Ephesians 5). Godly wives don’t have problem submitting to godly husbands who loves them as Christ loves the church. How much can you give up for your woman? Sacrifice is a proof of love. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son for her (John 3:16). Protect your woman, don’t go siding an outsider against her. Even when she has done something wrong, don’t ever let her feel alone or thrown away. Always stand by her. It’s not enough to make big and sweet promises in the marriage vow, you must live up to those promises.

Be careful the way you evaluate your wife’s decisions, don’t let her feel that she’s foolish. We all miss it sometimes, but the last person we need after losing something or when hurting is a critical police officer to tongue lash us. Love is appropriate in every situation. Always reassure your woman that you’re by her no matter what and live out your promises. Be there!

50 Reasons To Speak In Tongues

         tongues fb1.    Tongues was prophesied in the O.T. to be manifested in the N.T. (Isaiah 28:11-12).
2.    Jesus said that tongues is a sign that would follow the believers (Mark 16:17).
3.    One who speak in tongues could speak with both tongues of men and of angels (1Corinthians 13).
4.    Tongues is an evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-4).
5.    Tongues is a way of communicating hidden secrets with God (1Corinthians 14:2).
6.    Tongues is a way of building up yourself strong and charging up your spirit like a battery (1Corinthians 14:40).
7.    Paul speaking by the Holy Spirit desired that all believers would speak with tongues (1Corinthians 14:5).
8.    Tongues when interpreted is equal to prophecy (1Corinthians 14:5).
9.    Tongues is the way the believers’ spirit prays, the language of the spirit (1Corinthians 14:14).
10.    What is prayed in tongues can be prayed back in understanding to edify the soul (1Corinthians 14:15).
11.    Tongues is a way to speak unto God (1Corinthians 14:2).
12.    One who speak in tongues can equally sing in tongues and do it back in understanding (1Corinthians 14:15).
13.    Tongues is a gift worthy of appreciating God for and it is one thing that you can do more than others to your own spiritual advantage (1Corinthians 14:18).
14.    Tongue speaking is a fulfillment of prophecy (1Corinthians 14:21).
15.    Tongues are signs to unbelievers (1Corinthians 14:22).
16.    Paul by the Holy Spirit said that tongues shouldn’t be forbidden (1Corinthians 14:   39).
17.    Tongues is a way to pray, a supernatural prayer language (1Corinthians 14:14).
18.    The one who prophecies without speaking in tongues is like the Shulamite wife of King Solomon who tended others’ garden without tending her own. Prophecies build others but tongues build you up to build others (1Corinthians14:4; Songs of Solomon 1:6; 6:13).
19.    Tongues is how to pray in the Spirit and it is one way to embolden or strengthen one’s faith life because it takes faith to talk in tongues (Jude 1:20; Romans 12:6).
20.    Tongues is a doorway to other spiritual gifts such as prophecy (1Corinthians 14:13).
21.    Tongues keeps us in constant awareness of the love of God (Jude 1:20-21).
22.    Paul spoke by the Holy Spirit that we should pray all prayers in the Spirit and tongues is the way to do that (Ephesians 6:18; 1Corinthians 14:14).
23.    Tongues speaking remind us constantly of the indwelling Spirit of God, it is a communion with the Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 3; 16; 6:17).
24.    Speaking in tongues is one way to give thanks to God (1Corinthians 14:17).
25.    Tongues is a way to pray when we do not know what to pray as we ought to (Romans 8:26).
26.    Tongues is a way to submit our tongue to be tamed by the Holy Spirit (James 3:8 ).
27.    Tongue is a way to increase spiritual sensitivity, it is a wisdom the Holy Spirit teaches (1Corinthians 2:13).
28.    Tongues is a way to tap into supernatural knowledge and address issues directly (Romans 8:26-28).
29.    Tongues is a way to pray without having to think (Romans 8:26-28).
30.    Tongues is a way to activate the intercession of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26-28).
31.    Tongues is a way to get into the deep things of God (1Corinthians 2:10).
32.    Tongues is a way to pray hundred percent will of God (Romans 8:27).
33.    Tongues is a way to overcome praying amiss or selfishly (Luke 4:3).
34.    Tongues can help overcome fear because it reminds you of God’s presence within (2Timothy 1:7).
35.    Tongues activates the ministry of angels because one can speak in angelic tongues (1Corinthians 13:1).
36.    Tongues helps you to pray longer (Ephesians 6:18).
37.    Tongues helps to bypass the limitations of the human soul in prayers (Romans 8:26).
38.    Jesus commanded us to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and tongues is the initial manifestation of that gift (Acts 1:4-7; 2:4).
39.    Jesus said that God is a Spirit and must be worshiped in spirit and truth. Tongues is a way to have spirit to Spirit communion with God (John 4:24).
40.    Tongues is one way to pray without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17).
41.    Tongues is spiritual rest. It is a way to overcome anxiety (Isaiah 28:11-12).
42.    Tongues is a way to stir up the gift of God in you (2Timothy 1:6).
43.    Tongues strengthens the believers’ spirit (Ephesians 3:16).
44.    Tongues is a way to be spiritually minded (Romans 8:6).
45.    Tongues is a way of spiritually fine-tuning for God’s voice (Revelation 2:7).
46.    Tongues is a way of spiritual fitness (Proverbs18:14).
47.    Tongues impart supernatural boldness (2Timothy 1:7).
48.    Tongues is a very great intercessory tool (Romans 8:26-28).
49.    Tongues is spiritually refreshing (Isaiah 28:11-12).
50.    Tongues enhances deeper insights and understanding of the Word (1Corinthians 2:10).



“You must know (recognize) that you were redeemed (ransomed) from the useless (fruitless) way of living inherited by tradition from [your] forefathers, not with corruptible things [such as] silver and gold, but [you were purchased] with the precious blood of Christ (the Messiah), like that of a [sacrificial] lamb without blemish or spot.” (1Peter 1:18-19 Amplified).

When humans fell in Eden, their spirit died, their soul and body became corrupt. They became united to the nature of satan. As a result, natural families began to generate negative patterns. Abraham lied that his wife was his sister and Isaac did the same, uninformed of his father’s action (Gen.20:2, 26:7). We also saw that Moses had anger issue, he murdered an Egyptian in his anger and also struck the rock he was supposed to only speak to (Num. 20:7-13). Moses came from the tribe of Levi and Jacob their father had cursed their anger (Gen. 49:5-7).

Negative family patterns can be hereditary but in the New Testament we’re new creations in Christ. The Word says that we’ve been redeemed from the fruitless ways of our forefathers by the precious blood of the Lamb (1Pet. 1:18-19). We’ve been redeemed from negative family pattern because we’re now born into God’s family. However, while our spirit is totally free from all hereditary family issues because of the new creation or regeneration, our mind or soul(will, thoughts and emotions) and physical body have not been regenerated and as such, they still have connection to natural family roots.

Now, it takes identifying negative family patterns and specifically addressing them by the revelation of the Word and spiritual praying to deal with those patterns. They don’t just go away because you deny them, that’s not faith but a foolish presumption and it has affected the lives of many. The power of the new creation in Christ can free the soul and body from all negative family patterns. I have seen people who die at certain age in their family become free from that negative family pattern. A young lady whose mother had three children from three different men said that all her elder sisters also had three children from three different men but she broke that negative pattern when I took her through the Word and addressed specifics through spiritual praying or prayers based on the revelation of the Holy Spirit and the Word. There have also been many who were either unable to marry or have children until certain contrary family patterns were broken.

I’ve seen people free from inherited medical condition and all manner of things. It pains me to the very heart when instead of addressing specifics and putting the axe of the Word on negative family roots some chose to live in denial and make funny faith confessions that are not effective because they’re not rooted in the Word. The New Testament isn’t so crazy about genealogy like the Old Testament because we are born of God! However, Jesus said you shall know the truth and it shall make you free. Satan is a thief and a thief doesn’t need a license to steal, he doesn’t need a legal ground to put people in bondage. It isn’t right for believers to suffer from negative family pattern or inheritance but the enemy doesn’t mind keeping the soul and body in such bondage since he cannot touch the regenerated spirit. Now, you must identify what the problem is because you cannot disarm an enemy you can’t discern.

Once you know what the situation is, you now begin with such scriptures as Colossians 1:12-14 that certify that we have been delivered from the authority of darkness and translated into the kingdom of the Son of God’s love in whom we have our redemption by His blood, even the forgiveness of sins. Begin to enforce that truth and go further to 2Cor.5:17-21 that says you’re a new creation. Confess it, personalize it, mention the negative family pattern and the Scripture that says you’re free from it. Disconnect your soul and body from it. Rise in the strength of your spirit. Use the name of Jesus. Renew your mind in the Word. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Satan is a liar, once you exercise your authority based on revelation knowledge and faith, it is impossible to remain under such negative family pattern.

There’s no reason for believers to continue suffering from negative patterns inherited from their natural family when the Word says they’ve been redeemed from the fruitless ways of their predecessors by the precious blood of the lamb. Freedom is yours to the degree to which the truth has illuminated your mind. You are of God and have overcome them, for greater is He that’s in you than He that’s in the world! (1John 4:4).

God’s Word is a potent tool that can break you free from any negative family patterns, “Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces? (Jer. 23:29 NIV).

Put the Word on your family root and start dismantling negative patterns. You’re armed for victory and dangerous for the enemy!

The Nature Of Personal Prophecies&‘Thus Says The Lord’ In Relationships

Personal Prophecies


Prophecies include prediction of future possibilities. For example, if GOD says He would destroy a city, their reaction would determine whether or not He would change His mind like we see in the book of Jonah how God changed His mind from destroying Nineveh when the people repented. If God says someone would die, their reaction to that prophecy would determine its fulfillment. God sent the prophet Isaiah to king Hezekiah when he was sick, telling him to set his house in order because he was going to die, but Hezekiah turned his face against the wall and prayed to God and wept bitterly, pleading for his life. God changed His mind and sent the prophet Isaiah back to him to declare that He has cancelled the death verdict and added to his years. If Hezekiah had defied God or said nothing, he would have died. When Eli the priest refused to cub the sinful practices of his corrupt sons, he got a prophecy of God’s judgments from the mouth of Samuel. Instead of repenting, bringing correction to his house and pleading for mercy, he accepted it and said something like, “He’s God let Him do whatever He thinks”. Eli eventually broke his neck from the shock of the judgments he had refused to avert over his household and he lost his life (1Sam. 3). Was it God who created that future or Eli’s bad choices? We often blame God for stuffs that we bring upon ourselves by running on self-will. In a wider sense, God wouldn’t determine our life without our agreement; He will not overrule our power of choice. Two can’t walk together except they agree and that includes God and human (Amos 3:3).


If GOD says so and so would marry or become this or that, their reaction and choices would determine whether or not it would be because God doesn’t coerce people’s free-will. I’ve seen many relationships pioneered on positive prophecies end up in divorce and heartbreaks, not because God is a liar or the prophecies are untrue but the parties involved through their poor choices overruled those future possibilities declared in the prophecies. This is why some accurate prophetic voices’ marriage ends in divorce today and church folks begin to wonder if they didn’t hear God in the beginning. Well, lots of times they heard God and others even confirmed but the poor choices of either one or both parties later ruined the union. The willpower is very potent and if it is not submitted to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, it could be disastrous. Even Jesus wasn’t willing to fulfill the difficult prophecies; the cross didn’t feel good on the flesh. He wanted to back out in Gethsemane when the going was very tough but He finally said to the Father, not my will but yours be carried through to the end. And what followed? Resurrection power! Name above all names! The throne! And He brought forth many more children for the Father! Destiny’s birthing ground isn’t easy and storms of life comes at marriages but if in the Gethsemane of our marriage, when the going becomes really tough, we would cry unto God, yielding our will fully to Him instead of backing out, our union will come out stronger. Following God’s will won’t be rosy but if we endure, if we’re determined, the end result is always worth it!

 In Genesis 24, Abraham called his eldest servant and committed him to the task of getting a wife for his son Isaac. Despite all the prophetic guidelines and angelic help that the servant had through Abraham in choosing a wife for Isaac and despite all the prayers and assurance from signs on circumstances plus the girl’s parent’s agreement, all that wasn’t enough, they still had to ask Rebekah if she was WILLING to follow them. Even though her parents and siblings would have loved to have her with them for at least ten more days, since she was willing to go, there was nothing anyone could do. Family ties are powerful but some decisions are personal (Gen. 24:55-60).

 Supposing Rebekah had said otherwise, supposing she wasn’t willing to marry Isaac, God would still have had to guide them again to another lady for Isaac. There is not only one person in the world that you can marry. God has many daughters and He will present you with the one He knows you could walk with, someone whose purpose and yours would perfectly align. However, if one is obstinate and wouldn’t follow God’s will, He would get you another one and it would be as if they’re the only person you’ve ever met because He would cause love to appear to you in them and them alone. God is the perfect Matchmaker! Don’t be naïve, looking for someone who has everything perfectly in place to marry. Follow God’s direction, God sees the future of the fellow He’s moving your heart to marry. Examine their fruits and follow them if you’re sure it is following God, and everything will fall in line as you both align with the Word and follow the Holy Spirit. Never let anyone use spooky prophecies to coerce your will to marry them, you can hear from God too so seek the Lord before saying yes and when you’re certain He’s leading you in that direction, don’t hesitate to obey. “Don’t be stupid like horses and mules that must be led with ropes to make them obey.” (Psalm 32:9 CEV). And mind you, don’t expect everything to be rosy and automatically fall in line just because of all the prophecies that you have concerning it, such prophecies are only guidelines to a possible future. It takes your collective commitment to make those things be. If you will not follow the Word and yield to the Holy Spirit, even with all the prophecies, nothing will work as it should. Marriage is the union of a man, a woman and God. It is two imperfect people aligning to the Word of a perfect God. Give the Word and the Holy Spirit the first place in your union and you will never be to a divorce court!


You shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of being turned down, if a Vashti turns you down, God would bring you an Esther He has prepared in her stead. Two cannot walk together except they agree. However, it isn’t always a case of Vashti, lots of times it is just disagreement and difference in purpose and vision. Someone who isn’t right for you could be right for another because someone whose personality, vision, purpose and direction disagree with yours may agree with another. It is all about agreement and compatibility. Someone who won’t enjoy your own personality will enjoy another person’s. Someone may be dying to have something in you that another person despises. The reason someone disagrees with you might be the same reason why your own rightful partner will agree with you. If anyone ridicules you today because of your status when you propose to them, don’t worry, a queen is coming for you who will tell them one day, “Thank you for telling him no!” Not every ‘no’ that you receive is a pointer that you missed it, sometimes it is an opportunity for a better choice ahead. Good choices can lead us to better ones and better ones to the best. Renew your mind with the Word, follow the Spirit and you will be able to proof who and what is good, acceptable and perfect will of God for your life (Rom. 12:1-2; 8:14-16). Never tangle with someone who doesn’t believe in your future. No one who disrespects you deserves you. Don’t force yourself on someone who cannot discern your future, you’re too precious for that.

 Prophecies on relationships are conditional since human free-will is involved. God isn’t a liar just because someone changes their mind! God doesn’t FORCE people to make personal decisions, He only presents them with good choices like He presented Adam with Eve and kept quiet for him to express his heart about her. And oh, the amazing prophecies that sprang forth from him when he beheld that beautiful damsel fashioned to suit him. He was intrigued by every feature and virtues she carried. She was his treasure and he was her security (Gen.2:18-25). If God can’t force people to be saved, He can’t force anyone to get married to another but He sure can guide them on who to marry since He alone knows the heart of all human. However, don’t be dumb when God is leading, don’t let your own selfish obsession and long list of expectations blind you from seeing who He’s displaying before you. There is no perfect human but there is someone who can love you perfectly and treasure you for eternity, marry that one! Nobody is flawless and no marriage is ready-made, it takes the collective efforts of the two to make it work and your degree of submission to the Word and the Spirit will determine the extent to which your union will prosper. Stick to the Word, follow the Holy Spirit and beware of negative third parties. People don’t need marriage psychology; they need to follow the wisdom of the Author of marriage, the Word of God. Psychotherapy will fail but Bible therapy of unconditional love, prayer and obedience will never fail. No one can teach you how to relate with your partner and make your union heaven instead of hell like the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

Women In Ministry In The New Testament!

fb women iin ministry

Spiritual gifts are supernatural endowments of the Holy Spirit bestowed upon believers (both male and female) to serve and build up others. The two Greek words chosen to introduce them in 1Cor. 12 are: ‘Pneumatikos’ which means ‘spiritual things’ and ‘Charisma’ which means ‘endowments of grace’. These gifts can’t be merited or earned because they’re distributed freely by the Holy Spirit as He wills. However, we’re encouraged to earnestly desire and eagerly pursue them! (1Cor. 14:1)

God didn’t shut women out of ministry gifts and calling in the New Testament:

  • In Joel 2:28, Joel the prophet foretold by the Holy Spirit that when God pours out His Spirit, both sons and daughters(male and female) would prophesy and Peter confirmed that on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:17).
  • Anna the prophetess was an 84 years old widow of great devotion to worship who spoke of Christ as the redeemer! (Luke 2:36-38)
  • Mary the mother of our Lord and Elizabeth the mother of John the baptizer both prophesied by the Holy Spirit! (Luke 1:39-56)
  • Mary the Magdalene was the apostle to apostles for it was her whom Jesus first appeared to and personally sent to tell the rests that He rose! (John 20; Mark 16:9-11)
  • In 1Cor. 11:5, Paul spoke of women praying and prophesying during public worship and we know from the passage that men were also present.
  • Giving was mentioned as a spiritual gift in Rom.12:6-8 &it was the women disciples that funded Jesus and the male disciples! (Luke 8:1-3).
  • On Pentecost when the Spirit was poured out UPON people for ministry, the women also got filled, they weren’t left out! (Acts 1:14 ;2)
  • If women ministry was forbidden, Paul or Agabus would have rebuked the four daughters of Phillip the evangelist who were all prophesiers! (Acts 21)
  • God didn’t shut women out of ministry gifts and calling in the New Testament as some would have us believe, Junia was a female apostle! (Rom. 16:7)
  • Paul who rebuked the rude wives of Corinth from speaking said in Galatians that there is neither male nor female! (1Cor. 14 ; Gal. 3:28)
  • Modern women ministers include late Maria Etter (an unusual evangelist with miracle, signs and wonders who lived in the 1844-1924), late Aimee McPherson (the founder of Foursquare Church 1890-1944), late Kathryn Kuhlman (the great healing evangelist 1907-1976) and Heidi Baker the great missionary to Mozambique Africa (who alongside with her husband, Rolland has pioneered over 8,000 churches in over 20 nations since 1980 till the time of this writing) and countless others who time shall fail me to speak about. I strongly believe that God still use women today!

Supernatural Youths of Love!!!

youths fb

Behold I see upon my watch

I see in a vision from the Lord

The rising of a new breed of youths

They shall be far wiser beyond their age

The Spirit of the Lord is mobilizing a young army

For the end time revival that is upon us

They shall emerge from obscurity to do the impossible

The world shall no longer be worthy of them

For their affections shall be estranged from the world below.

Behold the rising of kingdom building youths

Behold the rising of the young apostles

Behold the gathering of the young prophets

Behold the going forth of the young evangelists

Behold the assembly of the young pastors

Behold the emergence of the young teachers

For a new breed of youths are rising

I am calling you to rise says the Lord

I am calling you from the unknown places

I am calling you forth from the dry places

I am calling you forth from non significant places

I am calling you forth to rise just as you are

I am calling you forth to go in thy might

For you’re the Gideons of your days

Yes, you’re the Deborahs of your days

And you shall pull down idols of secular music

You shall pull down strongholds of idolatry

You shall pull down the worship of mammon

And you shall awaken the people of the Lord

You shall call them into righteousness

Come now into the secret place with my Spirit

Let me train your hearts to carry My sword

For you must put on the amour of righteousness

Which shall make light the burden of My sword

My Word is your overcoming amour 

Do not be afraid as you go in My name

For in reality you’re not fighting for victory

You’re fighting from the Victory Place!

The warfare I have called you to is of Love

And you cannot win it with the cloak of selfishness

Let My love which is within you

Also be manifested through you

Give no place to the devil in harboring hurts

But be quick to forgive and quick to trust

And believe the best even for those opposing you

Let my love be your covering at all times

Let it be the eyes through which you see all things

For only then can you see what lays beyond the surface

When My love gains controll of you in totality!

This is the covering that overcomes fear

Yes, perfect love casts out fear & its torment

Do not allow the onslaught of guilt to grip your mind

But instead of giving a thought to sin and guilt,

Know that in Me you’re beyond condemnation

For you have become righteous in Me

Rise and spread my love to the nations

And hold fast to my Word the Swiftest sword

And with it you shall take down all that is evil

And install all that is righteousness and good

For My Kingdom shall prosper in thy heart

And in your mind and also in your hand

So rise up oh youths of Love

Rise up all youths of the light

And shine the Light where it is dark!

For Light overshadows the dark!!!

Marital Talks!

marital talksGENESIS 2:18-25 (BBE)
18  And the Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be by himself: I will make one like himself as a help to him
19  And from the earth the Lord God made every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and took them to the man to see what names he would give them: and whatever name he gave to any living thing, that was its name.
20  And the man gave names to all cattle and to the birds of the air and to every beast of the field; but Adam had no one like himself as a help.
21  And the Lord God sent a deep sleep on the man, and took one of the bones from his side while he was sleeping, joining up the flesh again in its place:
22  And the bone which the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman, and took her to the man.
23  And the man said, This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh: let her name be Woman because she was taken out of Man.
24  For this cause will a man go away from his father and his mother and be joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh.
25  And the man and his wife were without clothing, and they had no sense of shame.

Marriage is the union of a man, a woman and God and such a threefold cord isn’t easily broken! (Ecc.4:12). It’s an institution pioneered by God in Eden. Today, most marriages aren’t working because people have turned away from the original Wisdom of God, its Founder, to self-will and human ideas. On the other hand, God’s approval won’t make a marriage work automatically; both parties must be committed to make it work by following the Word devotedly!

33 Points To Ponder!

  1. When Adam saw Eve, he didn’t need introduction from God; something of her called out to him and something of him reached out for her!
  2. The God who brought Eve to Adam after a lonely period has a mate for you and He’s the perfect Match-Maker for those who trust Him!
  3. When Adam called Eve the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, Eve didn’t object and God did not; that three-cord agreement was very vital!
  4. Adam and Eve both knew the same God and received the same instructions; don’t go and marry someone who follows a different faith, you won’t agree!
  5. There’s no marriage evangelism, don’t go and marry him thinking you’ll convert him; if he’s not saved now, you’d better not say yes!
  6. Your parents aren’t perfect but consider their marital counsel as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Word; they’ve been here way before you!
  7. Don’t jump on that fellow just because he sings very well and prophesies; take your time to find out who he is outside church!
  8. Dressing seductively will at most attract you to people who will sleep with you and go away; godliness is what attracts a godly person!
  9. It’s not about his pocket but about his potentials, not about his words but about his acts, not about today but about tomorrow!
  10. Marry someone you can believe in for today, hope in for tomorrow and love unconditionally for all time!
  11. So you want to marry him to convert him? Hmmm…Bravo! But please tell me, since when have you and the Holy Spirit started swapping offices?
  12. Marriage isn’t by chance and luck or fate and prophecy but the commitment of two people to agree with God’s Word and stay married in true love!
  13. The question isn’t, “Am I perfect or is my partner perfect”, but “are we both willing to submit to the authority of God’s Word?”.
  14. If prophets have told you that you married wrongly, dispel the prophecies and follow the Word because God hates divorce and love transforms!
  15. Someone can only be a wrong mate before you marry them; if you’re already married, zero your mind off wrongness so you can enjoy your union!
  16. God still hates divorce; He has not revised the Bible!
  17. The only thing that not even prophecy can stop is true love!
  18. A million prophets may endorse your union and countless angels announce it, but it still won’t work automatically; it takes both of your commitments!
  19. If the reason you’re marrying him/her is what parents and prophets told you, remember they won’t be there with you so seek God for yourself first!
  20. The decision to follow the Word and remain as one no matter what (not based on feelings but on obedience) is the wisest decision you can ever make!
  21. That storms and oppositions come against your union doesn’t mean God isn’t in it; remember, Jesus was in the ship when the storm came!
  22. God’s approval doesn’t mean there won’t be storms, but it guarantees that you will not be drowned because He’ll be present!
  23. God distributes His grace in line with His direction; if He authorized you to marry someone, He’ll supply the grace to live with them!
  24. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent; as long as you’re not ready to take responsibility for your actions, you’re not ready to grow!
  25. If you marry him because of his influence and riches, don’t complain if he’s not well behaved; look out for Christ in a spouse!
  26. Your marriage will only be free of crisis to the extent to which you allow the Word of Christ to rule you and guide your decisions and conduct!
  27. Do you call your wife unholy names? Just remember that you’re only a male fashion of whatever you call her because you’re both one!
  28. You may be a preacher at church but you’re a husband/wife at home; don’t use your calling to excuse your responsibility ~ it kills marriage!
  29. Who said marital romance is carnal? They must be more spiritual than the God who allowed the Songs of Solomon into the Bible!
  30. If you dress lustfully, you’ll be addressed for lust; people see you before listening to you, don’t let your dressing say what you don’t mean!
  31. Treat her like a princess and she’ll treat you like a prince; carry her like a priceless treasure and she’ll seal you upon her heart!
  32. If you marry her for shapes and curves, what happens when she becomes a mother and increases in size? Marry her for her heart and unchanging love!
  33. Marriages fail because folks replace the Bible with Psychology; they consider the Author’s Manual of marriage as now outdated!
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