Unveiling of the Prophetic and Healing Ministries
Never has there been a need for a balanced revelation of the prophetic and healing ministry than now that so  much is muddled up in the Church, most especially in these ministries. We live in a day when too many things are muddled up in the Church. In a time in which there is so much confusion from the lack of sound doctrines. Many have abused the prophetic ministry and wounded the body of Christ so much that people are turned off on the spot by the mere mentioning of the name of a prophet. We do not have to throw away the baby with the bath water.The Scripture clearly states that Christ has set the prophets in the Church to edify and not to defile her and to exhort and not to extort her.This book is timely and is commissioned by the Holy Spirit to bring a balanced revelation of theses ministries and to supernaturally activate and equip the saints to function effectively in them. This book will show you the prophetic like you’ve never seen it before. It will unveil to your heart the healing ministry at a higher and deeper dimension with practical steps for you to dare the impossible in God’s Love and power.  The teaching style of the author is clear and very easy to understand and connect with. You too will become a healing prophet! This book has been commissioned by the Holy Spirit to bring a balanced revelation of the prophetic and healing ministries. And to reveal these ministries as those with the mandate to heal and not to wound, through the unconditional love and compassion of Jesus Christ, Who is the perfect model for these ministries at all times.

                       In this book you will learn:

 1. Who is a prophet

 2. What is prophecy

3. Who can prophesy

4. How to receive revelations

5. Why God gives prophetic words

6. Why prophecies should edify and not defile

7. Why prophecies should exhort and not extort

8. What role a prophet plays

9. Modes of receiving and delivering prophecy

10. How to operate effectively in the prophetic

11. Why God wants’ people healed today

12. How People can receive their healing today

13. Between Medical science and divine healing

14. How to heal the sick in Jesus Name

15. How to live by divine health

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