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Supernatural Youths of Love!!!

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Behold I see upon my watch

I see in a vision from the Lord

The rising of a new breed of youths

They shall be far wiser beyond their age

The Spirit of the Lord is mobilizing a young army

For the end time revival that is upon us

They shall emerge from obscurity to do the impossible

The world shall no longer be worthy of them

For their affections shall be estranged from the world below.

Behold the rising of kingdom building youths

Behold the rising of the young apostles

Behold the gathering of the young prophets

Behold the going forth of the young evangelists

Behold the assembly of the young pastors

Behold the emergence of the young teachers

For a new breed of youths are rising

I am calling you to rise says the Lord

I am calling you from the unknown places

I am calling you forth from the dry places

I am calling you forth from non significant places

I am calling you forth to rise just as you are

I am calling you forth to go in thy might

For you’re the Gideons of your days

Yes, you’re the Deborahs of your days

And you shall pull down idols of secular music

You shall pull down strongholds of idolatry

You shall pull down the worship of mammon

And you shall awaken the people of the Lord

You shall call them into righteousness

Come now into the secret place with my Spirit

Let me train your hearts to carry My sword

For you must put on the amour of righteousness

Which shall make light the burden of My sword

My Word is your overcoming amour 

Do not be afraid as you go in My name

For in reality you’re not fighting for victory

You’re fighting from the Victory Place!

The warfare I have called you to is of Love

And you cannot win it with the cloak of selfishness

Let My love which is within you

Also be manifested through you

Give no place to the devil in harboring hurts

But be quick to forgive and quick to trust

And believe the best even for those opposing you

Let my love be your covering at all times

Let it be the eyes through which you see all things

For only then can you see what lays beyond the surface

When My love gains controll of you in totality!

This is the covering that overcomes fear

Yes, perfect love casts out fear & its torment

Do not allow the onslaught of guilt to grip your mind

But instead of giving a thought to sin and guilt,

Know that in Me you’re beyond condemnation

For you have become righteous in Me

Rise and spread my love to the nations

And hold fast to my Word the Swiftest sword

And with it you shall take down all that is evil

And install all that is righteousness and good

For My Kingdom shall prosper in thy heart

And in your mind and also in your hand

So rise up oh youths of Love

Rise up all youths of the light

And shine the Light where it is dark!

For Light overshadows the dark!!!

Prophetic Word For October 2012

Sited Upon My Watch on A Sundown
In The Secret Place In My Meditation
The Word Of The Lord Came Unto Me And Said:
Peace Be Unto You Oh Dweller Of Heaven…
Tell My People That Their Burdens Come To Me Daily
And I See All That Is Coming At Them.
Look, You Walk In A World Plagued With Sin
Where That Enemy Of The Light Sit Upon The Souls Of Men.
Do Not Think That There Will Be Rest In The World
For Woe Is Unto The World Into Which The Devil Was Cast,
Who Fights With Wrath, Knowing That His Time Is Very Short.
But Although You Live In The Earth In Your Body,
Your True Position Is The Throne Room With Me
And As Long As You Come Up To Your Position In Your Heart,
As Long As You Set Your Affections Upon The Things Above,
As Long As You Look Away From The World,
Then Peace Will Be Unto You Oh Dwellers Of Heaven.

I Am Calling You To Live Who You Are,
For Many Of You, Although Are Heavenly Dwellers In Reality,
Still Allow Yourselves To Be Choked In The Affairs Of The World.
I Am Calling You To Look Away From The World
For Your Peace Shall Never Come From There,
There Shall Be Darkness And Gross Darkness Upon The World
But You’re My Light, Heavenly Dwellers;
You’re The Light Of The World That Descended From Heaven.
I Have Left You In The World To Save The World
By The Preaching Of The Gospel
For The Hope Of The World Shall Never Be Cut Off With You.
But I Shall Come And Take You Out When The Time Is Ripe
And After That Shall That Wicked One Be Revealed,
Who Has Been Assuming Many Faces,
And He Shall Show His Face To Deceive The World
But You Shall Not Witness It.
So If The World Treats You Badly,
Remember It Is Not Your Home
And Its Inhabitants Are Not Your Family.
I Am Calling You To Look Away From The Things Of This World
And Come Up To The Throne Life,
In The Courage For The Fainting
And Strength For The Weary And Healing For The Sick.

I Am Bringing Restoration This Month
And The Water Covering Your Mountain Top Is Drawing Back
And Your Mountain Top Of Victory Is Appearing
Just As The Waters Of Noah Receded In The Tenth Month
And You Shall Sing A New Song, A Song Of Victory In Zion.
Heavenly Dwellers, There Is Joy In You,
Look Away From Lack And Come Up Into My Abundance
For All That You Need Are Yours In The Spiritual Places
But You Must Pull Them Out Into The Physical By Faith.
You Must First Look Away From That Antichrist System
Which Spreads The Testimony Of Unbelief
And Has Ruined The Faith Of Many.

It Is My Will For You To Prosper And There Is No Lack In Me.
I’ve Seen How Many Have Struggled From January Until Now
But I Say Unto You My Beloved
That The Hour Has Come For You To Ascend Into Your Victory,
It Has Been Yours All The While
But Many Of You Haven’t Walked Into It
By Consciously Taking The Word
And Holding It Forth Steadfastly In The Face Of All Things.
Rise Up And Rule Over That Which Has Obstructed You!
Put On The Amour Of Faith Which Only Works By Love
And Walk In My Victory My Beloved.
Receive The Courage To Move On
And The Grace To Start A New Work.
Receive The Resources Required For Your Vision To Be Fulfilled.
Be Strengthened Now My Beloveth, Be Refreshed In Your Journey.
Do Not Give Place To The Enemy In Your Mind
For Behold, There Are Many False Brethrens
Sowing Discords And Misjudging My People,
Do Not Allow Yourself Get Caught In The Webs Of Guilt, Rejection,
In Bitterness, Jealousy, Slander, Self-Glorification
And All Those Devices Of The Enemy
But Walk In Love And Keep Giving Yourself Daily Unto My Word
So That The Enemy May Have No Place In Your Thought-Life
And That Your Heart May Be Strengthened.

I Am In My Word Waiting To Appear Unto You Daily.
I Love Fellowship With My Children,
I Love My Family And I Love To Hear Your Voice.
Trust Me, Worship Me, And Come Alone With Me Deep Within.
Lean On Me And Look Not Upon Your Weaknesses
For My Strong Hand Is Holding Your Feeble Limbs
And I Say Unto You That Sin Isn’t Stronger Than Redemption
For I Have Defeated Satan, Sin And Death For You.
That Which I Have Put Within You Is Immortal
And It Cannot Be Corrupted By The Works Of The Wicked One
That Is Why He Comes At You Daily
In Anger That He Has Lost You Forever.
Fear Not! You’re Beyond Condemnation!
Welcome To Your Mountaintop!!!


Prophet's reward“Whoever Receives You Receives Me, And Whoever Receives Me Receives Him Who Sent Me.  Every One Who Receives A Prophet, Because He Is A Prophet, Will Receive A Prophet’s Reward, And Every One Who Receives A Righteous Man, Because He Is A Righteous Man, Will Receive A Righteous Man’s Reward” (Mat. 10:40-41 WNT).

Looking Back Over The Years Since I Began Preaching The Gospel The Morning After  The Lord First Appeared To Me In My Room At Age Five And Called Me Into The Ministry, I Have Observed That The Result And Impart Of My Ministry Has Largely Been Determined By How The People Received Me. I Have Not Been Able To Impart Lives Where I Have Been Rejected Just Like Jesus Couldn’t Really Make Impart Where He Was Dishonored.

“But In The Next Breath They Were Cutting Him Down: “We’ve Known Him Since He Was A Kid; He’s The Carpenter’s Son. We Know His Mother, Mary. We Know His Brothers James And Joseph, Simon And Judas.  All His Sisters Live Here. Who Does He Think He Is?” They Got Their Noses All Out Of Joint. But Jesus Said, “A Prophet Is Taken For Granted In His Hometown And His Family.” He Didn’t Do Many Miracles There Because Of Their Hostile Indifference” (Math.13:55-58 MSG).

Honor Is A Spiritual Law; Once It’s Violated You’re Disqualified For Spiritual Blessings. Jesus Said, ‘You Will Not See Me Again Until You Say, ‘Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord’. This Doesn’t Only Speak Of His Return But It Means We Will Not See Him Till We Begin To Honor, Receive And To Bless Those Who Come In His Name (Mat.23:39). God Comes In His Messengers But You Must Look Pass Their Appearance And Flaws To See Him In His Fullness In Them. The Prophet You Dishonor Will Not Reward You. The Anointing You Despise Will Not Impart You.

I Remember Giving A Word That A Certain Woman Was Going To Conceive And Another Woman Who Was Just Passing By And Had Been Barren For 12 Years Received The Word And Held It Preciously And She Conceived The Following Month. People’s Faith Always Limits Their Height In Spiritual Accomplishment. The Centurion Honored Jesus So Much He Said He Doesn’t Have To Come To His House For His Servant To Be Healed. He Understood Authority And The Power Of Spoken Words So He Begged Jesus To Just Speak A Word. “The Centurion Replied, “Lord, I Do Not Deserve To Have You Come Under My Roof. But Just Say The Word, And My Servant Will Be Healed. Then Jesus Said To The Centurion, “Go! It Will Be Done Just As You Believed It Would.” And His Servant Was Healed At That Very Hour” (Mat. 8:8, 13 NIV).  A Woman Who Was Probably Inspired By The Centurion’s Story Said Unto Me, ‘Just Say A Word And My Son Will Be Healed’ And I Said Unto Her ‘Be It Unto You According To Your Faith’ And It Was So, His Son Was Healed Of Tuberculosis. “He Sent His Word, And Healed Them, And Delivered Them From Their Destructions” (Psalm 107:20).  Another Fellow Said, ‘I Placed Your Picture I Got Online Upon My Only Daughter Who Was Mentally Sick And She Said She Saw A Brilliant Light Shone From The Picture And She Got Healed Of Her Mental Situation’. Another Said ‘Man Of God, I Begged You To Receive An Offering And In That Same Month I Made My First Million Profit’. There Are Countless Testimonies Resulting From People’s Faith In The Prophet.

Faith Places Demand On The Ability Of God In His Prophets. The Woman With An Issue Of Blood Said ‘If I Could Only Touch The Hem Of His Garment I Shall Be Made Whole’ And The Same Garment Many Have Thronged With No Effect Made Her Whole Because She Touched It With Faith (Mark 5:25-29).

Not Everyone Who Said Amen Or Liked The Prophetic Words Are Entitled To Been Changed By Those Words But Only Those Who From Their Heart Receive The Prophet. God In His Prophet Is A World Of Possibilities So His Declarations Are Not The Mere Words Or Empty Sayings Of A Mere Man But They Carry The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit To Make Anything Happen For Anyone Anywhere According To Their Faith. The Lingering Anointing Follows The Prophet’s Words And Anything And Everything That Proceeds From Him Even Long After His Physical Death.

“Once While Some Israelites Were Burying A Man, Suddenly They Saw A Band Of Raiders; So They Threw The Man’s Body Into Elisha’s Tomb. When The Body Touched Elisha’s Bones, The Man Came To Life And Stood Up On His Feet” (2Kings 13:21 NIV).

If A Dead Old Testament Prophet’s Bone Brought The Dead Back To Life How Much More Shall People Be Blessed Through A Living New Testament Prophet! Countless People Have Received The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Just Reading My Book Or Write Ups. Many Others Have Been Healed And Lots And Lots Have Been Saved. An Elderly Woman Who Has Heard Of My Ministry Told The Children On Her Sick Bed, ‘Just Bring That Prophet’s Picture And Place It Upon Me And I Will Be Healed’ And That Was The End Of Her Long Time Paralysis! Glory To God! Yet There Are Still So Many Who Throng Me Daily But Are Just There, Not Receiving Anything Because They’re Either Ensnared In The Web Of Familiarity Or Unbelief.

Familiarity Breeds Dishonor Which Is A Major Hindrance To Receiving The Prophet’s Reward. Remember Judas Was Jesus Familiar Friend And Instead Of Getting Transformed By His Ministry He Ended Up Betraying Him;

“Yea, Mine Own Familiar Friend, In Whom I Trusted, Which Did Eat Of My Bread, Hath Lifted Up His Heel Against Me.” (Psalm 41:9).

Familiarity Can Make You Betray The Anointing That Should Uphold And Impart You. It Can Make The Prophet Look Too Ordinary By Making You Blind To The God Inside Him And Exposing You To All His Humanity.

How Much Can You Receive? You’re Only Limited To Receive As Much As Your Faith Can Conceive. So Believe In The Lord Your God To Be Established And Believe Also In His Prophets To Prosper (2Chro. 20:20). In Whose Name Do You Receive The Prophet, Is It In A Brother’s, A Teacher’s Or In A Prophet’s? Don’t Just Receive Him In Any Name But In The Name By Which God Appointed And Anointed Him. In The Name Of A Prophet!  Believe His Words Are From The Lord As Long As They Agree With The Word And Honor The Calling And Anointing Upon Him. Sow Into That Anointing And Lay Hold Of All That Your Faith Can Conceive.

You’re Faced Up With A Prophet’s Reward!

Expect A Miracle!!!