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For several years, the author has conducted seminars and taught on how people can identify their gifts and calling from God. This book isn’t about what others were and did but about what we are today and can do. God has deposited His gifts as tools in each of our hearts to fulfill our divine assignment or calling from Him. This book is a product of those series of seminars that has blessed countless from all around the world, most especially, through our media channels.The wisdom provided here has been proven, tested and approved over the time. It is so practical that it has helped both young believers and old ones to identify their gifts and callings from God and explore them. The teaching in this Bible based spiritual self-help book will bless groups and individuals alike. It will equip young and old. It will minister to both ministers and lay persons. Get your copy HERE

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Learn How To:

• Overcome the battles in your marriage

• Stand in gap and win your loved ones

• Train up your children in God’s way

• Balance prayer with character and effect changes more quickly

Get your copy HERE

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Women in all generations have suffered from mistaken identity, physical and emotional abuse, low self-esteem, inferiority complex, molestation, insecurity, fear and mistreatment. They have sought the answers to life’s complications but the answer has already come. Each of the women that met Jesus got the answer! Jesus, the Seed of the woman, has bruised the head of the serpent and liberated the womankind from the bondage of religion, culture, tradition and sin. We know that salvation came to the world through Jesus, the Son of God and Seed of the woman, but since our focus in this book is on the womankind, we shall concentrate on what Jesus brought for the womankind in particular.

Get your copy HERE

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