How to Identify your Gifts and Calling from God


• How To Know Your Calling                                 

• How To Develop Your Gifts

• Part-time And Full-time Ministry                 

 • Operating In The Anointing

• Discovering Your Purpose                         

• Wisdom For Ministry                   

And So Much More!




Your strongest passion will usually move in the direction of your destiny. If you have a call to minister to children, you will always see their needs and want to meet them. God will frequently expose your eyes to see the needs you’re called to meet. The Holy Spirit will impress it upon your mind to do it, and you will not have peace until you do it.

Every calling has specifications, just like Paul was to the Gentiles, and Peter to the Jews. Even if you make a mistake, God will still restore you to your calling. This book will give you practical and biblical keys to discern and develop your gifts and fulfil your calling!




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