Authority Over Demons


• What is Authority?         

• Overcoming demonic deception

•How to minister deliverance

• How to deal with any kind of demon

• The methods of Jesus             

• Understanding the anointing

 And so much more!



The word “authority” means delegated influence, a token of control, or right. The strength of this delegated influence depends upon the one who offered it. Christ, who is the head over all principalities and powers has issued a divine authority to the Church. When you stand in the name of Jesus, you’re standing on the integrity and authority of Jesus Christ. In all that He is and everything that He has. Whatever obeys Him must obey you! The term of this authority states that even the smallest of us has the same delegated control over the strongest of demons. Our spiritual rank in Christ is far above principalities and powers of darkness. We’re in the exalted position, and the devil belongs under our feet.



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