Prophetic Word For October 2012

Sited Upon My Watch on A Sundown
In The Secret Place In My Meditation
The Word Of The Lord Came Unto Me And Said:
Peace Be Unto You Oh Dweller Of Heaven…
Tell My People That Their Burdens Come To Me Daily
And I See All That Is Coming At Them.
Look, You Walk In A World Plagued With Sin
Where That Enemy Of The Light Sit Upon The Souls Of Men.
Do Not Think That There Will Be Rest In The World
For Woe Is Unto The World Into Which The Devil Was Cast,
Who Fights With Wrath, Knowing That His Time Is Very Short.
But Although You Live In The Earth In Your Body,
Your True Position Is The Throne Room With Me
And As Long As You Come Up To Your Position In Your Heart,
As Long As You Set Your Affections Upon The Things Above,
As Long As You Look Away From The World,
Then Peace Will Be Unto You Oh Dwellers Of Heaven.

I Am Calling You To Live Who You Are,
For Many Of You, Although Are Heavenly Dwellers In Reality,
Still Allow Yourselves To Be Choked In The Affairs Of The World.
I Am Calling You To Look Away From The World
For Your Peace Shall Never Come From There,
There Shall Be Darkness And Gross Darkness Upon The World
But You’re My Light, Heavenly Dwellers;
You’re The Light Of The World That Descended From Heaven.
I Have Left You In The World To Save The World
By The Preaching Of The Gospel
For The Hope Of The World Shall Never Be Cut Off With You.
But I Shall Come And Take You Out When The Time Is Ripe
And After That Shall That Wicked One Be Revealed,
Who Has Been Assuming Many Faces,
And He Shall Show His Face To Deceive The World
But You Shall Not Witness It.
So If The World Treats You Badly,
Remember It Is Not Your Home
And Its Inhabitants Are Not Your Family.
I Am Calling You To Look Away From The Things Of This World
And Come Up To The Throne Life,
In The Courage For The Fainting
And Strength For The Weary And Healing For The Sick.

I Am Bringing Restoration This Month
And The Water Covering Your Mountain Top Is Drawing Back
And Your Mountain Top Of Victory Is Appearing
Just As The Waters Of Noah Receded In The Tenth Month
And You Shall Sing A New Song, A Song Of Victory In Zion.
Heavenly Dwellers, There Is Joy In You,
Look Away From Lack And Come Up Into My Abundance
For All That You Need Are Yours In The Spiritual Places
But You Must Pull Them Out Into The Physical By Faith.
You Must First Look Away From That Antichrist System
Which Spreads The Testimony Of Unbelief
And Has Ruined The Faith Of Many.

It Is My Will For You To Prosper And There Is No Lack In Me.
I’ve Seen How Many Have Struggled From January Until Now
But I Say Unto You My Beloved
That The Hour Has Come For You To Ascend Into Your Victory,
It Has Been Yours All The While
But Many Of You Haven’t Walked Into It
By Consciously Taking The Word
And Holding It Forth Steadfastly In The Face Of All Things.
Rise Up And Rule Over That Which Has Obstructed You!
Put On The Amour Of Faith Which Only Works By Love
And Walk In My Victory My Beloved.
Receive The Courage To Move On
And The Grace To Start A New Work.
Receive The Resources Required For Your Vision To Be Fulfilled.
Be Strengthened Now My Beloveth, Be Refreshed In Your Journey.
Do Not Give Place To The Enemy In Your Mind
For Behold, There Are Many False Brethrens
Sowing Discords And Misjudging My People,
Do Not Allow Yourself Get Caught In The Webs Of Guilt, Rejection,
In Bitterness, Jealousy, Slander, Self-Glorification
And All Those Devices Of The Enemy
But Walk In Love And Keep Giving Yourself Daily Unto My Word
So That The Enemy May Have No Place In Your Thought-Life
And That Your Heart May Be Strengthened.

I Am In My Word Waiting To Appear Unto You Daily.
I Love Fellowship With My Children,
I Love My Family And I Love To Hear Your Voice.
Trust Me, Worship Me, And Come Alone With Me Deep Within.
Lean On Me And Look Not Upon Your Weaknesses
For My Strong Hand Is Holding Your Feeble Limbs
And I Say Unto You That Sin Isn’t Stronger Than Redemption
For I Have Defeated Satan, Sin And Death For You.
That Which I Have Put Within You Is Immortal
And It Cannot Be Corrupted By The Works Of The Wicked One
That Is Why He Comes At You Daily
In Anger That He Has Lost You Forever.
Fear Not! You’re Beyond Condemnation!
Welcome To Your Mountaintop!!!

About Samson Ajilore

A strong apostolic voice and anointed prophetic teacher and author, Samson Ajilore is a living proof of God’s grace and divine destiny. He's a son of prophecy, separated unto the Lord from the womb as God’s messenger of divine love to the nations (Jer. 1:5; Isa. 49:1-3). He was chosen and sent to preach, teach, prophesy and bring supernatural healing to the nations of the earth, in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Sam’s name, birth and ministry were supernaturally predicted by God long before his conception. He came from a long line of apostolic and prophetic ministers and has been in the ministry since the age of five, following a divine encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Sam was filled with the Holy Spirit at eight and he has led a life marked by the supernatural. He's the Apostolic Overseer of the Samson Ajilore World Outreach (SAWO), a ministry dedicated to advancing God’s Kingdom on earth through the Agape Word, Worship and Wonders. Sam is also the Senior Pastor at the Agape Church of the Supernatural (ACOS) based in Abuja, the Capital city of Nigeria. He holds both Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the United Missionary Church of Africa Theological College, Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria. Sam resides in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

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