A Special Prophetic Word For You!!!

Worshiping the Lord and ministering unto Him
His word came into my spirit and bubbles in prophecy
And this is what the Lord would now say unto you:

You that have been faced with challenges,
You that have been going through a lot of late
You that have prayed until faith seem weak
And victory seems as though it’s fully lost,
You that have battled continually for your family
And it seems as though the enemy is still at rage,
You that desires peace but have been in war,
To you that have tried to rise again and again
But the waters of life has been keeping down,
To you that financial challenge have been against,
To you that struggle with rebellious children
To you, whose loved ones are lost in the world
To you that suffers from diverse addictions
And have groaned in pains for day and nights
Wondering where the Helper of the saints is,
Questioning where the Holy Comforter is… READ MORE HERE

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