The Treasure in the Temptress

In John Chapter four, Jesus the Wisdom of God and the perfection of love and vision stood by the well of Jacob, at the outskirt of the gentile village of Samaria. He was waiting for one little woman who was the key to an entire city. He stood waiting patiently for her, and the mystery was that when that woman showed up, she wasn’t a “Virgin Mary” but more or less a prostitute living with another woman’s husband after her fifth divorce. She was a temptress! How amazing is the visionary power of Divine Love, how He sees the significant in the insignificant and the potential in the unpromising. He helps them discover who they are by seeing in them what they and others are too blinded by weaknesses, circumstances and controversies to see in themselves.

There are mysteries that only love can see and one of   those mysteries is the treasure in the insignificant, impious and the most defiled. Jesus stood there for that woman in a very sunny afternoon, enduring the sun for the love of a woman so unloved by many. Who could have taught that the Savior would endure the scorching sun for the treasure in a temptress? READ MORE HERE

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