Unveiling of the Prophetic and Healing Ministries
Never has there been a need for a balanced revelation of the prophetic and healing ministry than now that so  much is muddled up in the Church, most especially in these ministries. We live in a day when too many things are muddled up in the Church. In a time in which there is so much confusion from the lack of sound doctrines. Many have abused the prophetic ministry and wounded the body of Christ so much that people are turned off on the spot by the mere mentioning of the name of a prophet. We do not have to throw away the baby with the bath water.The Scripture clearly states that Christ has set the prophets in the Church to edify and not to defile her and to exhort and not to extort her.This book is timely and is commissioned by the Holy Spirit to bring a balanced revelation of theses ministries and to supernaturally activate and equip the saints to function effectively in them. This book will show you the prophetic like you’ve never seen it before. It will unveil to your heart the healing ministry at a higher and deeper dimension with practical steps for you to dare the impossible in God’s Love and power.  The teaching style of the author is clear and very easy to understand and connect with. You too will become a healing prophet! This book has been commissioned by the Holy Spirit to bring a balanced revelation of the prophetic and healing ministries. And to reveal these ministries as those with the mandate to heal and not to wound, through the unconditional love and compassion of Jesus Christ, Who is the perfect model for these ministries at all times.

                       In this book you will learn:

 1. Who is a prophet

 2. What is prophecy

3. Who can prophesy

4. How to receive revelations

5. Why God gives prophetic words

6. Why prophecies should edify and not defile

7. Why prophecies should exhort and not extort

8. What role a prophet plays

9. Modes of receiving and delivering prophecy

10. How to operate effectively in the prophetic

11. Why God wants’ people healed today

12. How People can receive their healing today

13. Between Medical science and divine healing

14. How to heal the sick in Jesus Name

15. How to live by divine health

Read testimonies from around the world on “Becoming a healing Prophet” and learn about other upcoming books by Samson Ajilore II by clicking HERE


  1. Samuel Oyeyipo says Hi,
    (I believe you would love this word that Rick Joyner sent to me)…
    The word of knowledge that I was given, which is my personal favorite, seemed very strange to me when I received it. I actually resisted sharing it. In a meeting, we were praying for a couple and their fourteen- year-old daughter. I heard the Spirit say, “Tell the daughter that she is not an accident.” Immediately, I thought about how embarrassing this would be for the daughter and her parents, who were standing in front of the whole congregation for prayer. I assumed she must have been one of the “surprise” children, but I did not want to embarrass the little girl or her parents. Then the Spirit said, “Do it.” When I did, both the daughter and the parents burst into tears and were almost wailing. Concerned that I had insulted them terribly, I asked what this meant to them. They said that their daughter had been the product of a rape, and had found out, and felt that she was not even supposed to be alive.

    This family was new to the church, and knew I could not have known this. That one word instantly healed a major wound in their family. The little girl left thinking that God did know her, and that she was “not an accident,” but that God loved her and He had a purpose for her. The parents left deeply touched by how God had so personally cared about them and that they could rejoice in the victory of this whole situation. The Lord obviously did not intend for the rape, but He is so good that He would use even this terrible thing to bring forth good. I was just an observer to this, but it changed me too because it was a whole new level of seeing just how wonderful our God is.

    Because people come from all over the world to our local church to be ministered to by our prophetic teams, we hear things like this frequently. In fact, they are now so common, they are expected. I think this is normal Christianity. It was what the Apostle Paul said about prophecy—how if an unbeliever came, the secrets of his heart would be exposed and he would fall on his face, declaring that God is certainly among us (I Corinthians 14:24-25). Constant awe and wonder at the great things the Lord is doing, which cannot be credited to men, are normal New Testament church life.

    If prophetic gifts are being awakened in you, this is more valuable than any earthly treasure, as everything from God should be. As we are told in I Corinthians 14:1, “Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” Cultivate your gifts. Get around others who are growing in them. Go to prophetic conferences where many others will be gathering and the interchange can be extremely helpful. We usually have at least two conferences a year where you not only see the gifts demonstrated, but you can be a part of the ministry teams and receive practical experience. Now many other ministries are also hosting such conferences, which are being used to stir up the gifts in people. In the times to come, the most valuable gift anyone will have is knowing God’s voice.
    The Gift of a Word of Knowledge – The Path of Life, Part 6
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    Week 13, 2012
    Rick Joyner

    I was involved in another prophetic experience that I think has some great lessons. It happened when I was flying our ministry plane to Nashville with some of our musicians to do some recording. After taxing to the General Aviation ramp, a line girl directed us to a parking spot. After we deplaned, the wife of one of our musicians said to the line girl as she walked past her, “You get along with animals better than you do people—you should have been a vet.” The line girl looked stunned, and I couldn’t help wondering if this had insulted her.

    Our team left with their ride, which had been waiting to take them to the recording studio. Before I left, I gave my fuel order at the service desk when the line girl came in and blurted out, “Was that girl with you a psychic?” I said, “No, but why do you ask?” She told me that when she was parking our plane she was thinking about how she gets along better with animals than she does people and that she should have become a vet. That’s when the musician’s wife spoke to her.

    It was just a small terminal, and this conversation was so loud that everyone in the terminal looked intently at us. I explained how this lady was a Christian, and how Christ loves all people and has a plan for their lives, and sometimes He gives His servants information like this about them to confirm His will for their life. The line girl was deeply moved and resolved to take seriously that she was “called” to be a vet and to pursue it.

    Then the other employees and passengers in the terminal started asking if this girl was coming back, and could they get a message like this? This led to a lot of ministry in the terminal over the next few months as we went back and forth for this recording. At that time, we had not set up prophetic ministry teams, but if we had, I would have sent a team over to park in that terminal for as long as there was an opening for ministry. This helped us see the need for this, and now we can be more responsive.

    Almost every such opening that has led to a lot of fruit was the result of someone just stepping out and taking initiative. We must keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is the “Helper,” not the “Doer.” He will not do anything without us, and we should not want to do anything without Him. Faith is basically the willingness to take initiative even when you may not know the exact outcome. This is why true faith is not faith in an outcome, but in the Person we put our trust in. We must seek to simply do the will of the Lord, and not just seek results, because results can be very different than we’re expecting. The same miracle that has a great impact in one place may not have any in another place, just as we see in the Lord’s own ministry.

    You may be thinking that you would love to be able to hear that clearly from the Lord and touch other people like this young lady did. The truth is you can, and you possibly already do but just don’t realize it. We get impressions from the Lord but think they are our own imagination, or something else, and don’t act on them. Many who come to our Prophetic Equipping Conferences who leave hearing from the Lord realize they have been hearing from Him for a long time but did not recognize Him. We can’t give people prophetic gifts, but we can help them recognize and stir up the gifts that they’ve been given. Every Christian has the ability to know the voice of the Lord.

    Stirring a city with a word of knowledge like Jesus did through the woman at the well, or like Philip the evangelist in Acts 8, would be wonderful. It is obvious that Philip was using the gift of a word of knowledge because we’re told in Acts 8 that the people gave attention to him because of the miracles that they “heard and saw.”

    Then Philip was commanded by the Spirit to leave such a great revival and go into the desert to share the gospel with just one man—the Ethiopian eunuch. That an evangelist, who all seem to thrive on crowds, would be this obedient is almost as much of a miracle as him being translated afterward. However, hundreds of years later when explorers first entered Ethiopia they were astonished to find that the Christian faith had preceded them. We won’t know until eternity how many were led to salvation by Philip’s obedience and neither could Philip.

    The point is that we cannot judge the fruit here—we must just focus on obedience to the Holy Spirit. A single word of knowledge might stir a city, a general aviation terminal, or just one person, and the one person could bring more fruit than the others combined. Be obedient.

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