Mercy Said No!


Mercy Seat

Permit me to share my story without revealing my name.

I have a Jewish root; I was born just like any other child. I grew up in the midst of Palestine. I had all manner of dreams like any other young female child.

Home wasn’t a very pleasant place for me because my parents wouldn’t understand my struggles. It all started sometimes in my childhood, by the time I was a teenager it was growing bad and at my early years in adulthood my life was something else.

I had suffered terrible experiences, ranging form abuse, rape and molestation, my life soon began tearing apart.

I’ve wanted even to commit suicide but somehow I just couldn’t end my life. There was no where turn to. No body would associate with me except for a few, but they had similar problems. I was an object of ridicule to those who knew me. Men in their numbers had taken advantage of me; I have run from one unsaved hand to another in my desperation. Unsaved hands have used me and rob me off my self esteem; they had left me depressed and insecure. Some guys thought, I was stubborn at first, others said I was difficult to persuade but my walls of resistance soon began crumbling, when there was no where to turn to for trust. I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I ended up being used and dumped form one man to another…READ MORE

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